I want to grab my jacket and just leave. There is nothing here for me. I can't breathe; she is my only air. Two weeks! TWO FREAKIN' WEEKS! How is it possible?!? I've gone totally head over heels for her in those two short weeks. Does she really know how far I've fallen? I don't want to overwhelm her; to scare her off. I need her now. I have never done this before. The connection is so strong, so sacred. How?


Why do I ache for her when she isn't around? Why do I leave her, knowing that I feel that ache? Is it comforting? Do I need the assurance that I am human? Does she keep me here, keep me sane?
She. Her. All of her.
Her body, pressed close to mine on those long nights. Sitting still, not moving. Enjoying the solitude, the purity of that moment. So innocent, so sweet.
Her smell. That sweet aroma, signaling comfort and love. So clean. It follows me. I can smell it when there's no one around. My clothes, bathed in her scent, remind me of those times we spend.
Her hair. Short, beautiful. I lie there, surrounded by it. Wrapped in its safety. Hours spent.
Her touch, so gentle, loving. Connected. I melt in it. Drifting away in the serene bliss of that simple contact. Nothing could tear me away.
Her smile, genuine. Filled with joy. No lies in that smile.
Her eyes, the windows. The look in them as she casts them down in embarrassment. Shows her vanity. That look, it captivates me. It pains me to know that she doesn't see her own beauty. Hiding from something, what is it? Staying in herself, she doesn't yet know the treasure that she holds.
On the outside: Gorgeous.
On the inside: A goddess.
Her mind, so curious, willing to learn. Always wanting more. The quest that is never satisfied.
Her soul, searching for meaning. Never giving in, she will find the truth one day.
Her heart, beautiful. Giving it all. So trusting.
To hurt this beautiful creature would truly be a sin.
Please, God, keep me from hurting her.


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