Life and friends.
They are tied together, you know.
You cannot survive without a friend.
It can be male, or female.
It can be a car, or a cat.
It doesn't even have to be real.

Just be sure that you have your friends.
The ones that care. I had a friend look out for me tonight. Not because she owed it to me, but because she cared enough about me to have others stop prodding me, pushin for the next stunt.
I love Ashli. Even though I hurt her feelings, (Killed her inner princess, pick one), she is still there for me. I love that.
I was so loopy.
I almost screwed things up a bit.

By the way, I am writing this on Ambien. HAH!

Edit: Yes. No more blogging while on sleeping pills for Chris. I'll leave this up purely for entertainment.

Bleeding, for you.


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