Has anyone ever noticed how lyrics can be interpreted to mean just about everything? I mean look at Evanescence. If you dont understand the Christian connotation, then the lyrics are nothing more than songs about love (or lack thereof) But if you take them into a Christian light, they mean so much more. I wish I could play an instrument, so that I might write music to fit my moods. When you feel so much, words, lyrics just flow freely. Speaking your mind comes so freely, but music doesn't. Maybe you can hear the tune in your head, floating, wrapping itself around your feelings, absorbing them, transforming to fit them. Music is the most complete form of self expression. Doubt me? Check out Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings", or Finger Eleven's "Thousand Mile Wish" IM me if you want a listen. These songs truly take you on a trip, through feelings that cannot be expressed. You don't even need to listen to the words, let the voice become its own instrument. What is said makes no difference, the emotion is there. I hope that someday I can let you know how I feel without uttering a word. To pluck a tune from a guitar, slide my fingers over the frets, eyes closed. The tears would form as I expressed my innermost feelings. Open to the world through music: It is my goal.
Bleeding, for you.


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