The sky fades over another week, but tonight the stars shine.
They shine with the brightness that he has dreamt of for so long.
Stopping for the night, he decides against the tent, and lays out under that brilliant blanket that covers the world.

He starts to count, but gets lost amongst the river of thought that flows through his head.
It comes back to him, the whirlwind of action that is his new life.
He definately needs this escape.

As the blackness closes in around his eyes, he slowly relaxes his muscles.
Sure, he needed them. The new, the old.
But he still needed himself.

He had caught himself going back down an old road.
He forced himself backwards, and realized what he was doing.
She couldn't get burnt again.

That isn't what either of them needed.
All they needed was a friendship; close, but distanced.
He prayed that he would be there when she needed him most.

Slipping under his blanket, he smiled to himself.
Worn out from the days trek, he closed his eyes,
And drifted into the oblivion of sleep, content with his life.

Bleeding, for you.


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