I had a thought the other day.
I have been listening to Eminem a bit lately. He has so much emotion in his lyrics. That is what makes him different. The hate in his words makes me want to feel like he does, the raw emotion.
Feelings rock, yo.
But he also says a lot about how he loves his daughter, Hailey. He says he would do anything to protect her. The way he says this stuff, you know that he lives for one thing; her love.
I was thinking about it this way: If a man could change his life for one thing, would it not be his little girl? Sure a little boy is cool and all, but with a girl, you have this instict to protect her purity, to keep her safe.
I saw a guy in a beat up early 90's Chevy pickup the other day. He was a blue-collar worker type, dirty mechanics shirt, scruffy beard, unkempt hair. But in the passenger seat was his ~10 year old daughter, happy and smiling, tossing a basketball up in the air. I saw as he looked at her, that he loved her. His joy was in hers.
He is my idol now. I don't care if the world has had its kicks with me, I want that happiness. Over and over, as I write this, I see that scene in my head; The broad, proud grin on his face as he laughed with her.
I figure, if the love of a little girl can soften the badass that is Eminem, it's gotta be pretty powerful.


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