Isn't it sad.
I can't be normal.
Most people want cars that go fast.
I want a jeep that can take me to my world.
The mountains of Colorado.
The soft babbling brooks, with icy water straight from the glaciers.
The fields of grass, blowing in the wind.
Walking amongst the hills and mountains, I once found my peace.
I hiked paths that the miners once walked.
I felt their spirits there.
Winding between the shattered remains of once strong tools, left to rust in the dry mountain air.
Centuries of greed, left to die.
But now it sits there, for all to see.
So we take on an air of reverace, as we pass by these relics.
My mind stills itself. Thoughts cease as we sit in the silence of this moment, struck by the overwhelming definity of the end.
And we take another step, over the next pass.
We push ourselves to see more.
To know more.
To be more.


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