-Have you ever dreamt so little, that nothing seems fake anymore?
-Have you ever let that which you hold dear slip, just a bit, so that you cry when you see how far they are?
-Have you ever slid so far from your aim that the circles you make become smaller and smaller, until you are stuck?
Answer me this:
-Have you ever ridden the wave of change so far you lost your roots, becoming so superficially superior that the pounding of your heart echos in the cavern that once held your soul?
-Have you ever tried too hard?
-Have you never tried hard enough?
-Have you ever though that you are actually striving to be that which you hate?
-Have you ever lit yourself on fire?
When was the last time:
-You kept going until you collapsed?
-You hit the wall hard enough to bounce back?
-You felt the ground move beneath your feet?
-You stared into the consuming eyes of failure, the very eyes that trap men's souls, locking their fate to his way, and grinned?
-You read Poe?
-You held someone's hand for their benefit?
-You read the Bible?
Is living not:
-Smiling at the people as they pass you?
-Speaking out in class?
-Saluting the Flag?
-Having your eyes well up when you think of a life without the one you love?
-Watching lightning crash all around you, feeling no fear, smelling the air that burns with energy?
-Losing yourself for hours?
-Driving for the sake of leaving home?
Are you scared to:
-Look someone in the eye?
-Admit your wrongs?
-Laugh at stupid people?
- to their face?
-Let your guard down?
-Talk about your feelings to the person who sparks them?
-Shake a homeless Vet's hand?
-Sing and Dance to the laughter of your friends?
Will you ever:
-Jump out of a perfectly good airplane?
-Risk your life for a cheap thrill?
-Eat at the rundown hole-in-the-wall place down the street, and order the special?
-Not say anything, because you know it would ruin the moment?
-Decide not to regret anything you've done?
-Forgive those who won't forgive you?
-Quit relying on life to provide you with the thrills you desire, and go get them yourself?
-Spend a day at work planning your future?
-Rely solely on what your heart tells you, and throw caution to the wind?
-Blatantly not care?
- and mean it in your heart?
-Sit and watch a campfire until the flames are long gone, the wood now clumps of red energy, basking in it's warmth on a summer night, as you reflect on nothing and everything at the same time?
-Not question whether you are in love?
-Take these words to heart?


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