I saw her once, and my world was changed.
She warmed my heart, she was a light in the dark world. Her beautiful eyes, elegant body, great smile. It all hit me like a ton of bricks.
I am in the dark now without her.
I left her. You bet I regret it.
I walked away from her at an airport. I never knew the pain would be this intense. I never knew I would cry at night over the tears she had left on the shoulder of my tshirt while we waited for my plane to come.
I cried over the gentle touch of her hand on my face as I slept on her couch, head in her lap.
I cried over her smell, a smell that comforted me, even when I was troubled.
I cry today over the sound of her laughter, and the way her face used to light up when that smile came out.
I cry because she's not next to me.

But I know she's out there, waiting for me, as I wait for her. I cry as I praise God for creating such a creature. I cry as I see the light in my dark world. A faint light. Her light. It comes from the East, and if I close my eyes, I can imagine that scent, the smell of comfort in this harsh desert landscape. I feel the warmth of her touch, the soft feel of her skin. The tickle of her hair as it slid down my forehead, over my face, down my neck.
I cry as I miss her kisses, her touches.
I cry as I think about the long walks and the longer nights spent together.

But I smile as I see our future together.


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