I close my eyes, and the world swirls away.
Gone is the short, coarse grass that I stand on, gone is the rushing sound of traffic on the freeway.
Gone is the worry and weight of this world.
I stand, arms extended to my sides, the cold wind rushing over my bare chest, as it all slides away.
In my minds eye, I rush through immense forests, thick with trees.
I stop, as the snow swirls through the maze, wolves surrounding me, black and menacing. I can't see their eyes, but I can feel them, I feel the snow tapping on my body.
And I'm off again.
Over the Himalayas, clipping the trees and dusting the tops of mountains. The music strengthens, the chords becoming more powerful, angry.
Volcanoes erupt as I pass, canyons slam shut, shaking the earth, the seas boil in seething foam.
And I'm back in the forest, running among the black trees, and shadowed snow that lies deep on the forest floor.
The huge trunks fly by me, reaching out to hold me, but I am invincible. The pack of devil wolves falls back, howling and barking at me as I pull away, alone, focused.
It all fades into nothing, as the song stops.
I open my eyes, look up, but my arms down.
I wasn't here for 4 minutes.
I was in a better world, one where I was free, one where I was king.
I reach down, and skip back to the beginning, lift my arms, bow my head, and close my eyes.
The world swirls away...


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