Burning, melting
The skin parts, making way for the hot steel
The feeling, so real
It worms its way inside

I did it again, I let her walk away
I didn't tell her how I feel
I need to tell her
No more hiding

I can't do it in letters
She needs to look into my eyes and know
That my heart bleeds everytime I watch her leave
She has to see the tears, to know this is real

I look at her, and see the natural beauty she is blessed with.
Inside and out, there is none like her
They all say the same things, but she doesnt want to hear
That she is all they need to live.

The words, she knows that they arent real
They cant mean what they say they feel.
They dont know what goes on inside
The war she fights every day

How am I different? Who am I to her?
No guarantees, the words of life
Only for the best, that's all its for
Scared of nothing, I call her back...

Bleeding, for you.


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