Sagas end. It's just what they do. No reason.
Sure, you coulda done this or that.
But they will end soon enough.
Whether you want them too or not.

Tonight, I poured my soul out.
Tonight, I bled.

Was I ridiculed?
Was I heard?
Does she know, did I tell her?
Yes, but it was too late.

Oh yeah, I knew it was coming.
It was coming, so hard so fast, we both knew it.
Hell, it happened, and we ignored it.
I just hoped I would get that last kiss.
I prayed that I could feel her in my arms one...more...time.

I prayed that I could feel a return on the adoration that I poured into it.
I prayed that once again, I could look into her eyes, and see that spark.

The blood is flowing now.
All I can do is watch it, as it trickles down.
All from one wound.

The pain. It feels so good.
I need it.
To feel human.

My soul, spilt for her.
It had no effect.

Bleeding, for you.


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