Despair. Terror rising in you, nothing slowing it.
Trapped in this hellhole. The feeling of helplessness as you feel rather than hear your doom coming at you.
The evil, somehow making the blackness darker, creeps at you.
It doesn’t make a sound.
It doesn’t slither, doesn’t hiss. It’s not slimy, doesn’t crawl.
It just is. Huge and menacing, it follows you through the forbidding halls. The hellish blackness coming at you to engulf you. It isn’t a ghost. It isn’t alive. It isn’t dead. It isn’t your friend.
It does not hate you, it does not love you. It does not want you.
It needs you.
As you slide against the wall of the tunnel, sobbing in fear, it closes in. To swallow you.
Right before the gaping maw of darkness swallows you, you open your mouth and scream.


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