Living, dying
Breathing, sighing
loving, hating
taking, giving

Skin deep, it burns.
Local pride, nothing permanent.
Never looking down, afraid to drop the crown.
The crown given to her by the ones she is now stepping on.
Pride too much, nose to high.
She keeps herself wrapped in this lie.

She wants to escape, to make it on her own.
But won't get off of her Magesty's Throne.
This town, she feels, has held her here.
She's down, she feels, and here comes the tear.

Life is fluid, passing her by;
While all she does is sit and cry.
Not an ounce of truth within her soul
She's put herself inside this hole.

She sits outside the diner where she works, waiting for her
ride. Friendly waves and familiar nods breaking her heart.
She had lived her life to escape, how had she become stuck

She looks through the rear window of the truck, at her
past. She had come to think that success was easy. Now, 5
years later, she knew that it wasn't. Struggling to pay the
rent, feed herself and her cat.

Exiting the cab, she thanked her neighbor, gave him a peck
on the cheek, and strolled up to her apartment. She shut
the door. As always, she glanced at the noose she had
prepared about a year ago.

She was desparate then. No longer haughty and full of
herself, she had given up. Now, too chicken to climb back
up to that chair and untie it, it hung as a reminder of her

Was she too weak to make it? Had she really been lied to
that much? Did they... she stopped, shaking her head. Not
tonight, she thought. Not again. It began to hurt her too
much now.

She cooked herself dinner, subdued. The haunting ghosts
stood silent on the shelves. Ribbons. Trophies. Plaques.
All from her past. She wanted to rid herself from them, but
then who would she be? She would be nothing without her
past, she knew that. But why was it so hard to start over?
Tucking herself beneath the covers of her enormously empty
bed, she shivered. Her lonliness crept into her eyes, and
for another night, she cried herself to sleep.


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