Shadows reaching, arms are stretching, they beg to hold you tight.
Evil tricks the mind is playing, on a walk into the dark of night.
Quickened pace, heart is pounding, a life devoid of light
Heedless of the shouted warnings, he tries to set things right.

Heavy heart and dampened eyes, he wanders through the wood.
Royal jesters and mocking cries, a dark stranger with black hood.
Aimless actions, doing nothing, not knowing what he should,
His childhood days are over, the days of endless good.

Sliding deeper, reaching out, no one hears his cries.
Life is ending, plunge to darkness, smothered under lies.
Darkness coming, light escaping, no goodness meets his eyes,
Suddenly, a glint of hope, an eagle on the rise.

Clawing quickly from the ground, his face as white as chalk.
Help is coming, one at a time, but soon they make a flock.
Time is losing, no more strength, they fly against the clock,
Fighting for history, their world no longer in shell shock.


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