Deep bruises, black and blue.
Soul stolen, trampled.
Theft of person, theft of life.
Heart shattered, pain scorned.
Nothing sacred, nothing mourned.
Cries are smothered, help denied.
Above it all, she knew he lied.
He wasn't there for her.
He hadn't reached out and saved her.
He was gone from her, like he said he never would be.
He had left her when she needed him,
Walked right out when she cried to him.
Ignored, she had wandered off her path.
The theives awaited.
They had taken her, beaten her.
Her purity gone, smashed on the dirty ground next to her.
And he wasn't there.
Left behind, the pain dulled to a constant ache in her heart.
An ache for the one she had so desperately loved.
His promises shattered, his love distracted.
Now she laid there, by the path, scorned by those who walked it.
She was no longer them, and they were no longer her.
Laying there, in the mud mingled with her blood, she cried.
He would never know what he had left.
As she lay dying there, a forgotten afterthought, the world kept turning.
She had one shot at it, and missed. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


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