Sure, it ended happy, at least at this point. But it wasn't always so great. The dark, shadowed past was gone, but not forgotten. Never haunting, it served them as a reminder of the greatness of what they now possessed.
+ + +
She had been alone, utterly alone. She had friends, but they were kept a safe distance. She couldn't open up to them. They wouldn't know how to react. They could never see the true her. She sat in herself, head bowed low to the ground. It was better that way. That way she wouldn't have to look into someone's eyes, eyes blind to the pain that filled hers. She saw all of the people around, and envied them in their emptiness. Alone and friendless in this huge world, her tears began to fall.
- - -
His eyes weren't blind. They saw everything, took it all in. But there was no longer anything to see. Not in this world. He was searching. Scanning the masses for a stand-out soul. One that he could could be with, that would see what was in his eyes, as he read theirs. All around, he saw people with their eyes blank, hollow, like corpses. Not feeling, not caring, they milled around with their smiles plastered on sickeningly. This wasn't for him. He released his sorrow in a mighty roar, pouring his entire being into the call for help. He hoped, prayed that he would not be alone forever.
His cry of anguish echoed unheard among the empty souls.
- - -
She had tried before, to seek someone who would love her, no matter what. All had failed. What was she looking for anyways? Now, she was resigned to the life she was assigned, sure that she could never change it. The tears fell again as she remembered all of the agony of her looming past. Those monsters circled her now, prodding her with their spears of anguish. She kept her sobs quiet, afraid to alert anyone to the pain that she now suffered, but inside she screamed. Screamed with all of what she had, the pain threatening to burst out of her, shatter her frail being into a million pieces to be trod upon by the heartless beings that wandered aimlessly around her. A cry reached her ears, filling her heart with the powerful anguish that had caused its release, and then it was gone again, as she turned back into herself, and shrieked within, filling her mind with the shrill anguish of her life.
- - -
He felt. Something, anything. It was different, alien in this place of despair. It was there, he knew it. Where? His eyes danced over the empty-hearted masses, flicking from face to face. Seeing only the same blank masks, he unwillingly stilled his heart. He was sure of it. It had to have been. A feeling.
It came again, the force of it sending him reeling. For an instant, he felt the pain, the pure, unadulterated agony that sent all hope fleeing from his heart. It was as if his very blood was iced. Tears sprung to his eyes as her feelings ran through him. There were the sharp jabs of pain in him as he knew her pain.
Then it was gone
He stood there, wiping his eyes. She was there. Another human. Another soul, crying out.
He took off, sprinting through the people. They parted easily in front of him, empty headed and hollow, like the shells of people that had died before their time. He knew not where he ran, but he ran anyway. A feeling that strong meant only one thing: A place to belong, a partner in this cold world of disturbing ignorance.
- - -
She was curled up now, in the mud that sprayed from the feet of her monsters as they lept in to jab at her. Cold and sobbing, she tried shut herself off from this hell. But she couldn't. It was all she knew now. There were no warm thoughts inside of her. She felt her humanity slipping, down the spiraling slide of depression. Her fingers clawed at the earth, trying to stop herself. She stared up, searching for her friends. But they stood like the rest of them, cold and unknowing of life. She knew, deep down, that there was some good here, but where?
- - -
Then he saw her. The source of the chills in his spine. The life that had kept him awake these past nights, kept him searching. He saw the blackness surrounding her, as she lay on the ground, shuddering in the cold rain, sobbing in her agony. He was taken back. The horror of this place was worse than he had ever experienced. The darkness, so huge and empty, yet so claustrophobic, smothering any happiness that was there.
Bracing himself, he stepped into the heart of it.
- - -
Then, suddenly, there was a hand on her wrist, pulling her back, helping her up, holding her steady as she rose from the cold ground that she had known so long as home. She looked up, into his eyes, shocked. There was not ridicule in them. She could feel him inside of her, reading the past that was burnt onto her heart, and she was ashamed. But the look in his eyes kept her from turning. He looked at her, and saw something in her, she knew it. He had found something that he had been searching for. She watched as tears gathered in the corners of his eyes. - - -
He looked at her. She was dirty, shivering, but beautiful. Her soul shone through to him, radiating like a million suns. There was so much emotion here. So much pain, so much life. His heart lept inside his chest as he saw her. He was stunned. She was beautiful as he saw her now, laid bare to his eyes. He knew that this was someone he would hold dear for eons to come. Reaching out, he gently wiped her cheek clean, and offered his hand.
- - -
She shrank back at the contact, the warm, loving touch. It was so alien to her in this place. Bracing herself, she reached to accept the hand, knowing what it would do if he ever let go of her.
Suddenly, brightness flashed, and her world was happy again. The gloomy clouds that had kept her down so long were chased out by the sunshine in their hearts. She trusted him, and knew that he trusted her. There was a bond between them, and she knew that he would not leave her as the others had.
+ + +
Slowly, she had pushed those memories from her thoughts. She never forgot what she had known, the suffering that followed her to her bed every night, as she sat in the smothering darkness and cried rivers of sorrow into her pillow. The anguish of having a life torn from her grasp and thrown into the dirt along with her. But they had each other now. Their bond had grown stronger over the years, and now was unbreakable. She now had a shoulder to cry on. The past had streamed from her mouth like the rushing flow of a broken dam. Torn hearts, splintered souls, shattered trust, they had all been thrust into his memory. And he treasured every story, every word she said, knowing that it brought them closer. Knowing that he could keep her from ever having to do that again.
He looked over at her and smiled. She was skipping alongside him as they progressed down their path. The sun that never set sat high in the sky, and they basked in it's great warmth as they continued, together. He laughed as she took his hand in hers. Never would they let go, and never would they doubt the bond of love that kept them whole.


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