Load shifted,
Heavy screams;
Stifled Life,
Shattered dreams.

Averted eyes,
Falling tears;
Stricken down,
Murderous years.

Bloodstained heart,
broken spirit;
She keeps to herself,
so the others can't hear it.

Crying softly, inside herself,
She finds no solace there.
The only way to cure this pain
is to lay her soul down, bare.

So hard a task, so deep the cuts,
She cannot do it alone,
Her knuckles raw from self release,
She lets out a mournful moan.

Down comes her guard, she stands naked.
She puts her trust in Him.
She only prays, that he'll still be there,
and his presence not a whim.

He is her hope, she needs His strength.
His guiding presence divine.
Their loving, trusting friendship growing,
Like fruit upon a vine.

The end still distant, pain still reminiscent,
They struggle through this land,
Stumbling, staggering, never falling,
She tightly grips his hand.

Comfort coming, slowly surely,
Still weak from being bled.
But as they are now, with two as one,
They forge on ahead.


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