The time flex of these pills make me mad. The past is gone, hidden, but it was, it lived, naught but 6 minutes ago. But that 6, and now the 7th minute are gone.
Mention a week? My mind wanders to lost times and places.

Even yesterdays news is both BREAKING NOW IN YOUR FACE CANNOT ESCAPE ASIANS WITH MICROPHONES TALKING IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, and rocky hillsides with moss and relics of ages past.

The dimensions, they are all amock. Vision is tied to everything, so that I hear it and see it. These rolling rocking hills of the past! I fly through time like you cross a plain in a plane. heh.

Elevated! Elevated! Sometimes single words make more sense when the pills talk for me.

Fluids stop flowing and freeze. Repitititititions go on forever. And all end oneday.
Things flow, moving screens of death. Can I see it? Can I see it!
These are the very answers that we seek from you before you leave. Two Bridges closer, they are. We can smell the dust they bring. Their inferiour lifestyle is no good to us. Only their souls. Souls, yes, the very souls that have been taken from you, and from me. without knowledge. We will further the crime along.


Ah, to run away from it all.
At times, that's all I ask.
I want to travel the country in a worn out Jeep, taking crappy jobs as they come.
But I owe someone a better future than that.
All I ask is to know where I belong, and for once, be able to truly appreciate it.