If I was the devil, I'd have it made.
If I was the devil, I'd sit on parkbenches and watch people go by, all day long.
I'd watch people as they walked to their own destruction, day after day after day. They'd see me, pay their dues, and walk on.
I'd see them, doomed. Empty, zombies. It'd be so cool to me.
But then I'd see the good ones, the ones that are awake. They'd shine like a million fires, blinding me, burning me as they walked past. Each good deed would sting like hot iron in my flesh. Each smile, each quick prayer. Each time they reached down to lift another one up, I would cringe.
In the end, the bad news would wear me out. I'd go home, weary, scared for my reign. It wasn't gonna end soon, but I'd still have lots of work to do to keep what ground I had.